DOGS FOR KIDS WITH DISABILITIES LIMITED -            "dogs making a difference to kids"
Dogs For Kids with Disabilities (DKD) is a not for profit organisation based in Victoria, Australia.
DKD was founded by Katie Hunter, a qualified guide dog trainer who has over ten years experience in the animal industry including vet nursing, animal care and dog training (pets, obedience, agility, companion dogs, autism assistance dogs and guide dogs). Katie has trained multiple autism dogs and their clients, she has also trained and placed many pets as therapy dogs and co-ordinated puppy programs for guide dog schools in Australia.
We work with a range of disabilities including:
- austism spectrum disorders
- intellectual disability
- physical disability
- learning difficulties 
Benefits of companion/therapy dogs for children and young adults can include:
- reduction in anxiety and stress for both parents and child
- engages the entire family
- helps build communication
- helps build friendships
- helps children sleep better
- may help to prevent bolting, can decrease self harm behaviours, can reduce melt-downs in children with autism
- provides comfort and companionship
- improves social interaction
Please contact us for an application form and for our price list.
You can contact us by:
- using our on line contact form
- emailing us at
- phoning (03) 9786 2909
Above: Katie Hunter with DKD Roly and DKD Henry
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